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18-03-02 design thinking 720

Friday, March 2, 2018 - “Design Thinking”

The term “design thinking” has always bothered me.  I have dear friends and colleagues who love it and use it all the time.  But it makes no sense to me.

In my experience there is designing and there is thinking.  Designing is a process of creation and of synthesis; it is at its core a process of making.  Which is to say that to design something is to use all parts of the brain, both rational and intuitive, even the deeply subconscious at times.   And designing uses your whole body, at least if you are drawing by hand or making a model.  When designing I often just start moving the pencil or pen and see where it leads me;  for a time my hand is leading my brain, so to speak.  After I have something on paper is when the thinking starts, when I analyze what I have drawn to see if it really works.  And the cycle repeats.

This is especially true when designing architectural space.  In many ways what I’m trying to design is an experience – social, contemplative, transcendent, etc. – and the more I can draw upon other than just my rational mind, the richer the space will be.

So for me there is designing, there is thinking, and there is the design process, which incorporates both.

Just a thought.