a drawing a day

19-06-20 ACSF 11-1 Arizona 720

Thursday, June 20, 2019 - Blossoms

color pencil – A6 sketchbook

This is the first in a series of sketches from the ACSF 11 Symposium held this past May at Taliesin West.  Here is a link to the symposium website:  http://www.acsforum.org/symposium2019/  I gave a workshop entitled Threads of Continuity:  The Future of Architecture which can be found here.  Please feel free to email any comments to bill@tripparch.com

Most of these sketches were done “in parallel” to the lectures and the surroundings, which is to say I drew them not trying to document the place, or the moment, or the content of the presentation, but rather trying to simply draw from my imagination while also being there.  I’m always looking for new ways to make drawing easier and more natural and to go beyond the merely representational.

Before the symposium I spent a few days visiting family in San Manuel, a couple of hours south and east of Phoenix.  Everywhere you looked the cactus were in bloom.  Stunning.  Breathtaking.  While doing this sketch I was conscious of the fact the desert is such a potent and powerful and beautiful place.  No wonder Frank Lloyd Wright and Paolo Soleri decided to build there.