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19-06-24 Protected Refuge 1 720

Monday, June 24, 2019 - Protected Refuge No. 1

color pencil – A6 sketchbook

This is the third in my series of sketches from the ACSF 11 Symposium held this past May at Taliesin West, drawn during the presentation by Michael J. Crosbie and Suzanne Elizabeth Bott entitled Danger and the Divine: Expressions of Protected Refuge in Continuity with Desert Lands.


These sketches were done “in parallel” to the presentation.  Rather than trying to explicitly document the images on the screen, I drew with more freedom and imagination, focusing on the atmosphere more than the particulars.  Anything to make it easier to draw!  Since the act of drawing while taking notes helps greatly to remember the content, and since I am still anxious about drawing, especially in public, anything that gets me to just keep the pencil moving while listening, is valuable.

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