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19-07-01 Festival Time Space 1 720

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Monday, July 1, 2019 - Festival Time Space

color pencil and pen – A6 sketchbook

Another in my series of sketches from the ACSF 11 Symposium held this past May at Taliesin West.  Again, these sketches are drawn with a lot of freedom, since their primary purpose is to help me remember the content of the presentation, or the spatial quality of the landscape and architecture, not to reproduce the images on the screen.  These sketchbook pages were drawn during Clive Knights’ presentation entitled Dialog with the depth of the horizon:  Finding fulfilled time in festival experiencehttp://www.acsforum.org/symposium2019/works/Knights.pdf 

For the past five years Clive and fellow Portland State University faculty member Travis Bell have designed and fabricated amazing structures for the Treeline Stage at the annual Pickathon Music Festival in Happy Valley, Oregon.  From Clive’s paper:

“The Diversion Design/Build Studio, as we are called, was founded in 2014 ostensibly to seek out and borrow mass-produced industrial products from their typical work flow and divert them towards the festival as a building unit that could inspire new and unanticipated responses to the creation of the Treeline Stage.  From wooden shipping pallets, to cardboard shipping tubes, to regular fir studs, our ambition has been ‘to use but not use-up’ materials, so we can send them back to their regular path of mundane utility following their contribution to the festival.  In keeping with the overall festival philosophy of respect for he environment, we aim, each year, to leave no trace.”

(My personal favorite is “Contrapposto”, the stage from 2016, a truly elegant and sophisticated space made with just 2×4 studs, the simplest of materials, reminiscent of the work of Fay Jones.  During Clive’s talk I sketched it from memory.)

19-07-01 Festival Time Space 4 IMG_0533 720  19-07-01 Festival Time Space 3 IMG_0532 720

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